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- A Gringo Skateboarder, who has Narcolepsy with Cataplexy and Idiopathic Central Sleep Apnea; Complexicated Health.
Enter the Realm/s and/or Dimension/s of I. -

Coming very soon is a new book, my first written book.
Rolling A Path:
My Own Narcolepsy, Skateboarding, Cataplexy & Lifestyle

A brief description of the book follows.

Narcolepsy with Cataplexy is a complicated and difficult disease to live with.
So much is misunderstood and still to be learned.
There are things being discovered more and more but the disease remains incurable.
Through my own descriptions I attempt to describe where the research is as well as, to an extent, what the current understanding is.
Speaking directly from my own Narcolepsy with Cataplexy experiences, I go into details of the different symptoms, and more.
After giving a lot of background into myself and my past health, I dive into Skateboarding.
Describing why I love it and how it has helped me, in vast ways.
Tying in, how Skateboarding helped me to adjust to and not only accept, Cataplexy, but remain capable to continue Skateboarding and more.
Finally, I try to go into what Lifestyle Adjustments I've made.
How I gradually had to find the path which worked, and/or is working, well for me.
The hope is that others out there may find a piece and/or section within, that may help them upon their own path.
Each of us has a path, finding it and living it, takes seeking it along with fine-tuning and juggling it; be it day to day, or however works for each one's own.

Available for purchase online:

-----> Expressions of my own 'Narcolepsy with Cataplexy' <-----
An onward roller coaster ride, it is...

Link to the Kindle eBook version on Amazon

The book is 60 pages and has 27 illustrations (including cover and back).
The cover and back are lamintaed, it is Full-Color using 60# white, Landscape format, with a page size of 6"x8.25".
Entirely by self; published, illustrated/sketched, minimally graphically edited, written, designed and formated.
Reviews of it, would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.
I can offer a slight 'discount code,' if interested email me at:

Two samples, from within the book:
' A. B. C. D. '
A. -a few possible triggers walking down the street-
B. -Cataplexy triggering collapse, temporary muscle parlaysis-
C. -being what I am thinking to myself, and also what I may be hearing those around me saying-
D. -being some of what those around me say, during and after, the Cataplexy episode-
...You really, can not begin to imagine, such...
--A tip to other with Cataplexy: Do not fight, nor resist, it. Calm and Breathe, focus on your Center. --

' Normal '
Expressing the seemingly nonexistent 'normal' which is very much a cloudy, gloomy, often rainy-day like; lifestyle.

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Page of ways to help or gift, to, me.
Many typical/standard things are difficult for me to do and/or manage. Describing pieces of that all, is a part of this web venture.
I hopes: To provide something (perhaps creative & possibly for some, of real importance and/or value) through writing (photos, videos, too) on my experience/s, perspective/s & interest/s (with links).
This is all, for me a leap, in motion.
The hope of mine, is that some people may find my words and what not, maybe helpful, interesting and/or perhaps enlightening in some manner.
There are no expectations that I have on any, and I absolutely mean no insult nor direct offense towards any one.
It'll come together, hopefully simply, in time. As Time Does Tell...
Please Be, Observe, & Contemplate; All!
Doing so, is beyond fascinating.