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This page is dedicated to 'Narcolepsy with Cataplexy' information through links; to forums, sites, research, articles, foundations, experience/s, videos, etc...

In no way am I affiliated with any of the places that I link to. These are what I've come across; this is what I've found that is out there, to be read. The intent here is simply to provide a place where there is an assortment of informational links, for those who may seek such. I hope not to provide links that are bad and misinforming, but it is unlikely that I could manage not to; these links are intended to provide information regarding Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. Please know that my opinion is not necessarily in any way, in agreement or disagreement, related to what is within the links; and I am not a Doctor (whatever that means today? sorry if that seems bitter)...
I've made a page with links to other Persons with Narcolepsy (some with Cataplexy) Blogs. (***Note - I have not spent much time on many of them.***)
I've also made a page that attempts describing how I deal with my own Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. (***Note - the page is of my own regiment, only. It is Not a Prescription...***)

Information, Forums/Sites:

Cataplexic: Narcolepsy - A Sleep Disorder (heavy info blog with forums+)
Zombie Research Institute (heavy info blog) (lots of info plus state to state Doctor reviews) (w/ forums+)
Daily Forums (forum/support group)
TalkAboutSleep: Narcolepsy Forums (a good site when it comes to Sleep Apnea with forums+) Narcolepsy Forums (forum/support group) Narcolepsy Forums (forums) /wiki/Narcolepsy Narcolepsy Narcolepsy Resources
Stanford Burnham Devanjan Sikder's Research Focus
The New York Times: "Narcolepsy In-Depth Report"
Center for Narcolepsy
Center for Narcolepsy: Narcolepsy and Sleep Related Resources
National Institutes of Health: Narcolepsy Fact Sheet
National Sleep Foundation: Narcolepsy with Cataplexy
National Organization for Rare Disorders: Narcolepsy
The Brain Foundation: Narcolepsy
National Center on Sleep Disorders Research: Narcolepsy and Other Hypersomnias
National Heart Lung and Blood Institute: What is Narcolepsy?
Mayo Clinic: Narcolepsy Definition
HLA Disease Associations: Narcoelpsy
Health Central Highlights
Medline Plus: Sleep Disorders
Narolepsy UK: What is Narcolepsy Illnesses and Disabilities - Narcolepsy
Wake Up Narcolepsy Inc.: About Narcolepsy
Narcolepsy Careline: Home (some sort of careline. - I have No Idea?)
MedCanPoet (Do not judge; Agree to Disagree, if and when you must.)
Cataplexy By David Nentwig
CNN: Narcolepsy
WiseGEEK: What is Narcolepsy? Narcolepsy - Overview and Facts
Learn (page) Facts About Narcolepsy - F.A.Q.
The New York Times: Health Guide - Narcolepsy
KosAbility: Sleep Edition - Living with Narcolepsy Narcolepsy
Everything Narcolepsy Blogspot
MedWorm Narcolepsy RSS (info stream) "An Interview With Dr. Emmanuel Mignot: Chasing the 'Narcolepsy Gene'" [?2010?]
"Nacolepsy: When Sleep Attacks " [Mar. 8, 2012] [seems pretty on point, to a point.?!]

Articles and such which relate, perhaps in some way, to N w/ C:

***Many of these articles below describe the difficulties and issues of, and/or specifically within the medical understanding and treatment with, Narcolepsy and Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. Some may be rather outdated, regardless of when I 'posted/updated last on:' says...***
Posted/Updated last on: 4-30-13
"Are You Happy? You Might Have Hypocretin to Thank" [Mar. 18, 2013]
"Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit" [Apr. 27, 2013]
"Diagnosing The Wrong Deficit" [Apr. 28, 2013]
" Hosts Expert Discussion On Comorbidity Of Sleep Disorders And Seizures - Greater awareness of epilepsy and sleep disorders may help prevent misdiagnosis and mistreatment" [Apr. 29, 2013]
"Narcolepsy and Cataplexy Circuitry Becomes Clearer After a Decade of Research".pdf [Nov. 1, 2012]
"Isolated mediotegmental lesion causing narcolepsy and rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder: a case evidencing a common pathway in narcolepsy and rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder" [Apr. 2007]
"Mayo Clinic: REM Sleep Disorder Doubles Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment, Parkinson’s​" [Mar. 13, 2012]
"Screening for sleep disorders in the dental office: Better sleep for better health" [Apr. 2013-?-]
"Why Sleep Deprivation Eases Depression" [Apr. 26, 2013]
"Still no supports for narcolepsy kids" [Apr. 19, 2013]
"Genome-wide gene expression profiling of human narcolepsy." [2012]
"Although people with the disorder do not fall face-first into their soup as in the movies, narcolepsy is still a mysterious disease. But science has new leads" [Apr. 11, 2013]
"A Sleep Aid Without the Side Effects [Apr. 12, 2013]
"Memory given a boost by playing sounds during sleep - Students and school pupils studying for exams could enjoy a boost to their memory by playing sounds that are synchronised to brain waves as they sleep." [Apr. 3, 2013]
"Increased sleep could reduce rate of adolescent obesity" [Apr. 8, 2013]
"Complex movement disorders at disease onset in childhood narcolepsy with cataplexy".pdf [2011]
"A Practical Guide to the Therapy of Narcolepsy and Hypersomnia Syndromes".pdf [2012]
"Screening for sleep disorders in the dental office: Better sleep for better health".pdf [Nov. 2011]
"Breakthrough in neuroscience could help re-wire appetite control" [Apr. 5, 2013]
"Could scientists peek into your dreams? (w/ video)" [Apr. 4, 2013]
"Is a better sleeping pill on the way?" [Apr. 3, 2013]
"Recent Developments in Narcolepsy Research, An Explanation for Patients and the General Public" [2000]
Posted/Updated last on: 4-3-13
"Dr. Emmanuel Mignot talks about advances in narcolepsy research and care" [Mar. 8, 2013]
"National Sleep Foundation launches free 'Sleep Disorders' online resource guide for primary care" [Apr. 2, 2013]
"Free online sleep disorders guide for all professionals in primary care" [Apr. 3, 2013]
"Sleep Problems Tougher With Chronic Conditions" [Mar. 24, 2013]
"Weird sleep disorders make people see demons" [Apr. 2, 2013]
"Old drug offers new hope against Niemann-Pick Type C—rare, deadly childhood disease​" [Apr. 3, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 3-22-13
"From Sleep Study, Clues to Happiness" [Mar. 21, 2013]
"From teens' sleeping brains, the sound of growing maturity" [Mar. 22, 2013]
"From teens' sleeping brains, the sound of growing maturity" [Mar. 22, 2013]
"Acting out dreams linked to development of dementia, study finds" [Mar. 21, 2013]
"Caffeine 'can significantly protect against crash risk' for long distance heavy vehicle drivers, study says" [Mar. 19, 2013]
"Top five foods to help you sleep (World Sleep Day Special)" [Mar. 16, 2013]
"Narcolepsy link to Glaxo vaccine poses challenge for FDA" [Mar. 7, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 3-19-13
"Human Peptide Hypocretin Linked to Happiness" [Mar. 10, 2013]
"Systemic and Nasal Delivery of Orexin-A (Hypocretin-1) Reduces the Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Performance in Nonhuman Primates" [Dec. 2007]
"Hypocretin nasal spray study - It is not a cure for narcolepsy – but it might be getting closer!" [Sep. 6, 2012]
"Sleep disorders linked to other problems: doctor" [Mar. 18, 2013]
"Sleep loss precedes Alzheimer's symptoms" [Mar. 11, 2013]
"Sleep study reveals how the adolescent brain makes the transition to mature thinking" [Mar. 19, 2013]
"Study indicates reverse impulses clear useless information, prime brain for learning" [Mar. 19, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 3-9-13
"What predicts distress after episodes of sleep paralysis?" [Mar. 4, 2013]
"Exercising Can Be a Good Cure for Sleeping Disorders: Study " [Mar. 4, 2013]
Review - "Fatigue in neurological disorders" [Mar. 20, 2004]
Posted/Updated last on: 3-3-13
"Scientists Uncover Invisible Motion in Video" [Feb. 27, 2013]
[Fascinating Technology!]
"What to do if sleep won't come" [Mar. 1, 2013]
"Sleeping less than six hours a night skews activity of hundreds of genes - Genes affected by lack of sleep include those governing the immune system, metabolism and the body's response to stress" [Feb. 25, 2013]
"Don't sleep longer – sleep smarter - Worried that you don't get the fabled eight hours? That's your first mistake, says Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, who thinks it's quality, rather than quantity, that counts. She shares her tips for a better night's rest with Rob Sharp" [Jun. 8, 2010]
"Almorexant Promotes Sleep and Exacerbates Cataplexy in a Murine Model of Narcolepsy" [VOLUME 36, ISSUE 03 - 2013]
"Compound narcolepsy: sleep pattern and involution." [Oct. 1988]
"What Happens When You Sleep?" [?]
Posted/Updated last on: 2-27-13
"Sleep Reinforces Learning: Children’s Brains Transform Subconsciously Learned Material Into Active Knowledge" [Feb. 26, 2013]
[Very interesting. And, fascinating! 'Brains Transform Subconsciously'! ..."large amount of deep sleep"... ..."implicit knowledge becomes explicit"... There was no mention of 'stress' but over and over it did describe adults being less effective at this, during sleep.]
"Study finds children better at converting implicit into explicit knowledge after sleep" [Feb. 25, 2013]
"IT dreams marred by sleep disorders" [Feb. 26, 2013]
[Some of this, I absolutely disagree with / and some of this, I do agree with, to a point. Perhaps it is that some of it seems attacking, perhaps disingenuois and disengaged from actual life in space; it is likely to be the speaking manner, and statements, being way too shallow. Such mannerism being way too common, in especially both psych and neuro arenas. / Though there is some good information like: ..."sleeping pill called Benzodiazepine"..."cause seizures in the long run"... And to both, 'following the schedule that works and fits one' as well as, 'being conscious, in relationg to ones sleep, of when and what one consumes'!]
"Narcolepsy: Clinical features, co-morbidities & treatment" [Feb. 2010]
"Sleep deprivation may disrupt your genes, study says" [Feb. 25, 2013]
"Effects of insufficient sleep on circadian rhythmicity and expression amplitude of the human blood transcriptome" [Oct. 3, 2012]
"Increased risk of sleep disorder in children who received swine flu vaccine" [Feb. 26, 2013]
"DNMT1 mutation hot spot causes varied phenotypes of HSAN1 with dementia and hearing loss " [Jan. 30, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 2-18-13
"ImmunoChip Study Implicates Antigen Presentation to T Cells in Narcolepsy" [Feb. 14, 2013]
[The genetics of Narcolepsy are being closed in on, there is a lot of interesting stuff in this article, yet it is very hard to interpret...]
48 Hours: "Sleep Tight" [Feb. 11, 2009]
"In-home tests gain traction in sleep disorder diagnoses" [Feb. 15, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 2-12-13
"MNAP Sleep Center Welcomes Truckers as DOT Cracks Down on Sleep Disorders" [Feb. 10, 2013]
[So uncomforting, for one like me; going out of the way to have restrictions that fit (boundaries placed upon one's self, by one's self, fitting to one's specific circumstances) and aren't superstitious. Rather than this sort of persecution and speculating, stereotyping which is nothing more than 'hear-say and/or pigeon-holing / labeling and/or entrapping'. This just makes more bubbles upon stages; detached from the ground, nature. What-ever...]
"Narcolepsy: more than just falling asleep on the job" [Jun. 7, 2012]
Posted/Updated last on: 2-11-13
"Insight: GSK vaccine ingredient scrutinized for narcolepsy clues" [Feb. 7, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 2-7-13
"Childhood Onset Narcolepsy Cataplexy—More Than Just a Sleep Disorder" [VOLUME 36, ISSUE 02 - Feb. 2013]
"PRECOCIOUS PUBERTY AND OBESITY IN CHILDHOOD NARCOLEPSY WITH CATAPLEXY - High Prevalence of Precocious Puberty and Obesity in Childhood Narcolepsy with Cataplexy" [VOLUME 36, ISSUE 02 - Feb. 2013]
"Tablets, laptops may cause sleep problems - Sleep delayed due to iPad and other devices" [Feb. 4, 2013]
"Narcolepsy Is All In This Family: Spanish Family All Affected By Sleep Disorder" [Feb. 4, 2013]
"Over 700 children develop narcolepsy after getting H1N1 swine flu shot " [Feb. 5, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 2-1-13
"110 Narcolepsy: Is it a sequelae of auto-immune encephalitis/encephalitis lethargica?" [?, 2012]
"CDC statement on narcolepsy following Pandemrix influenza vaccination in Europe" [Jan. 25, 2013]
"UK study strengthens link between GSK flu shot and narcolepsy" [Jan. 31, 2013]
"Life after Pandemrix - Reuters’s description of narcolepsy is excessively bleak" [Jan. 29, 2013]
"Caffeine and Other Stimulants That Cause Psychosis" [Jan. 28, 2013]
"'If you are impulsive, take modafinil and count to 10" [Feb. 1, 2013]
"Active Duty Military Personnel Prone to Sleep Disorders and Short Sleep Duration" [Jan. 31, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 1-28-13
"narcolepsy genetics" [An assortment of articles]
"Narcolepsy and Streptococcal Infections" [Dec. 1, 2009]
"Insight: Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot" [Jan. 22, 2013]
"The Myth of Tamiflu: 5 Things You Should Know" [Jan. 8, 2013]
"Neuroscientists Mimic Sleep Deprivation, Reveal Target For New Depression Therapy." [Jan. 25, 2013]
"Olfactory dysfunction in narcolepsy with cataplexy." [Jul. 4, 2010]
"Poor sleep in old age prevents the brain from storing memories" [Jan. 27, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 1-23-13
"Reviewing alcohol's effects on normal sleep" [Jan. 22, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 1-19-13
"Poor sleep can leave romantic partners feeling unappreciated" [Jan. 19, 2013]
"Surprising connections between our well-being and giving, getting, and gratitude" [Jan. 19, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 1-18-13
"Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause “Explosive Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases”" [Jan. 14, 2013]
Posted/Updated last on: 1-17-13
"Complex movement disorders at disease onset in childhood narcolepsy with cataplexy" [Dec. 26, 2011]
"Narcolepsy May Be Caused By Environmental Exposures" [Jan. 3, 2007]
(What is not..?)
Posted/Updated last on: 1-12-13
"Narcolepsy, dopamine and tyrosine." [Jul. 9, 2012]
"Treatment of narcolepsy with L-tyrosine: double-blind placebo-controlled trial." [Nov. 4, 1989]
"HEALTH; New Therapy Found to Aid Sufferers of a Sleep Disorder" [Feb. 2, 1989]
"Clinical assessment and management of sleep disorders in multiple sclerosis: a literature review." [2012]
"Sleep stage sequence analysis of sleep onset REM periods in the hypersomnias" [Oct. 20, 2012]
Posted/Updated last on: 1-9-13
"Diet therapy for narcolepsy" [Jun. 22, 2004]
(Hmm, will be thinking upon, appears quite difficult and is a near 10 years old article... Thanks though;
"Reset Therapeutics Receives NIH Grant to Develop Novel Treatments for Narcolepsy" [Jan. 7, 2013]
(This one day could be great, although I have 0 (that is, zero) expectations. 'Blockbuster Drugs' scare me - if you don't know the term, perhaps look it up.)
Posted/Updated last on: 1-8-13
"30 Days to Better Sleep: Learn the Difference Between Sleepiness and Fatigue" [Jan. 7, 2013]
(Hmm. This gets me a bit, in that what is said seems semi-off, at least for me. For years, when I had no idea that I have Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, and especially what it entails; to me sleepiness and tiredness were pleasant, desired often yet there was a near constant fatigue. I'd say that after a point in time, sleepiness literally {after building, and building, up over time} becomes {turns into} fatigue... Having the understanding today, and recognition, along with much continual/constant broad reflection; I can say that perhaps now, I experience slightly less often the real fatigue. Why, because I can predict and gauge {doing and/or managing} things better than prior to having any clue of what Narcolepsy with Cataplexy means, and/or is.)
Posted/Updated last on: 1-7-13
"Sleep problems could jeopardise future missions to Mars" [Jan. 7, 2013]
(Wow and stuff! How things relate to other things. Planetary Travel and Narcolepsy, or Something.)
Posted/Updated last on: 1-2-13
"Effects of Orexin Gene Transfer in the Dorsolateral Pons in Orexin Knockout Mice" [VOLUME 36, ISSUE 01 - SLEEP 2013]
"Attenuated Heart Rate Response is Associated with Hypocretin Deficiency in Patients with Narcolepsy" [VOLUME 36, ISSUE 01 - SLEEP 2013]
"Hypocretin Deficiency Develops During Onset of Human Narcolepsy with Cataplexy" [VOLUME 36, ISSUE 01 - SLEEP 2013]
"Quantitative genetic research on sleep: A review of normal sleep, sleep disturbances and associated emotional, behavioural, and health-related difficulties" [Volume 17, Issue 1 - February 2013]
"Getting More Sleep Reduces Pain Sensitivity" [Dec. 01, 2012]
"Narcolepsy with hypocretin/orexin deficiency, infections and autoimmunity of the brain." [Sep. 30, 2011]
Posted/Updated last on: 12-28-12
"Facial expression recognition and emotional regulation in narcolepsy with cataplexy" [Dec. 10, 2012]
"Cortical morphometry in narcolepsy with cataplexy" [Sep. 25, 2012]
Posted/Updated last on: 12-20-12
"Sleep Duration Affects Hunger Differently in Men and Women" [Dec. 4, 2012]
"Even Your Fat Cells Need Sleep, According to New Research" [Oct. 23, 2012]
"Findings Reveal Brain Mechanisms at Work During Sleep" [Oct. 22, 2012]
"Validation of a Cataplexy Questionnaire in 983 Sleep-disorders Patients" (.pdf) [1999]
Posted/Updated last on: 12-18-12
"The Trouble with Tribbles: Do Antibodies Against TRIB2 Cause Narcolepsy?" [Jul. 1, 2010]
"Narcolepsy: autoimmunity, effector T cell activation due to infection, or T cell independent, major histocompatibility complex class II induced neuronal loss? " [Mar. 23, 2010]
"REM sleep enhances emotional memories, study shows" [Dec. 18, 2012]
Created on: 12-17-12
"The Impact of Narcolepsy and Its Treatment – A European Study" [2008]
US National Library of Medicine Institutes of Health: "Narcolepsy: current treatment options and future approaches" [Jun. 2008]
Southwest Neuroscience Center: "Understanding Narcolepsy"(.pdf) [?2007]
"In Session with Jerome M. Siegel, PhD: Narcolepsy" [2009]
"A Pilot Study on the Effectiveness of Sodium Oxybate on Sleep Architecture and Daytime alertness in Narcolepsy" [2004]
"Narcolepsy: Differential Diagnosis or Etiology in Some Cases of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia?" [2003]
"Narcolepsy drugs may be effective in reversing illness-induced lethargy" [Aug. 4, 2011]
"Immunological and Genetic Aspects of Narcolepsy" [2011]
"Emerging treatments for narcolepsy and its related disorders." [Mar. 2010]
"Practice Parameters for the Treatment of Narcolepsy: An Update for 2000"(.pdf) [2001]
"Narcolepsy: pathophysiology and pharmacology." [2007]
"Narcolepsy as a Type of Response to Emotional Conflicts" [1944]
"Study identifies how muscles are paralyzed during sleep" [Jul. 11, 2012]
"Poor sleep may age your brain" (obviously) [Jul. 16, 2012]
"Glucose regulates the release of orexin-a from the endocrine pancreas." [Jan. 2003]
"Hypocretin/orexin and narcolepsy: new basic and clinical insights." [Mar. 2010]
"The Genetics of Narcolepsy"(.pdf) [Jun 17, 2003]
"CSF hypocretin-1 levels in narcolepsy, Kleine-Levin syndrome, and other hypersomnias and neurological conditions"(.pdf) [Mar. 2003]
"Narcolepsy and Anesthesia" [Apr. 2000]
"Environmental toxins and risk of narcolepsy among people with HLA DQB1*0602" [Jun. 1, 2010]
"The pineal gland, cataplexy, and multiple sclerosis." [Dec. 1995]
"Sleep Deprivation Effect On the Immune System Mirrors Physical Stress" [Jun. 30, 2012]
"Lack of Sleep Makes Your Brain Hungry" [Jan. 18, 2012]
The Boston Globe: "Narcolepsy research triggers myriad brain studies" [Nov. 30, 2009]
Huff Health Post: "Narcolepsy Remains Misunderstood and Underdiagnosed" [Jul. 19, 2012]
Huff Health Post: "Two Chemical Systems Help Keep Muscles Paralyzed During REM Sleep" [Jul. 18, 2012]
Huff Health Post - "Provigil: Narcolepsy Drug Being Taken By People Without The Sleep Disorder" [Jul. 25, 2012]
Huff Health Post: "Narcolepsy: What We All Should Know" [Aug 7, 2012]
The New York Times: "A Leap Forward, but Hurdles Remain in Narcolepsy" [Feb. 19, 2008]
The New York Times: "The Voices of Narcolepsy" [Aug. 26, 2009]
The New York Times: "Too Often, Doctors Overlook Narcolepsy" [Mar. 5, 2012]
CNN - "Get Some Sleep: Daytime sleep attacks = Narcolepsy" [Feb. 8th, 2011]
CNN: "Talking to someone with a chronic illness" [Sep. 11, 2012]
CNN: "Lack of sleep America's top health problem, doctors say" [Mar. 17, 1997]
LiveStrong: "Vitamin D Deficiency & Narcolepsy" [Jun. 9, 2011]
"Explaining Sleep Paralysis: Some People Are Literally Paralyzed When They Doze Off" [Oct. 3, 2012]
"Sleepless Honey Bees Miscommunicate, Too" [Dec. 13, 2010]
"Sleep-Deprived Bees Have Difficulty Relearning" [Oct. 25, 2010]
"Dating with Narcolepsy: Romance is hard for everyone -- particularly when you have a condition that makes you mysteriously collapse" [Mar. 10, 2012]


***Note -> There are both, a lot of 'Bad' videos as well as 'Bad' information out there, regarding Narcolepsy with Cataplexy.
Notice, that I use 'with Cataplexy.' Why? Because, now a days there's a huge difference with that being left out; although the seriousness of both Narcolepsy, versus Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, remains.
Beware, out there.
Cataplexy for me, two back to back and a other:
The 1st of 2 videos.
The 2nd of 2 videos.
A 3rd video.
(Can relate, A Lot, to this guy. He has way worse and more severe matters, the intensity of his Cataplexy in that he falls into REM sleep, is hard for me to imagine. But much of his story and the living manner that he lives by; is awfully dramatic, in its familiarities. "Having a relationship is not only impossible for me, but as soon as you have any emotional love, lust, anything like that. I just collapse. So, you can't really function, in that state... I can't get close to people, it's quite sad..." This is harsh; and severe on one, any. "One of the biggest problem that people with Narcolepsy has, is the attitude of other people." Yes, yes, yes. Truth be Spoken. Thanks Dee, I have much respect for you.)
Dee Daud- National Geographic - "Taboo: Strange Behaviour"
Dee Daud- "Living with Cataplexy and Narcolepsy"
Dee Daud- "BBC - Living with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy"
Discovery Health Channel - "Narcoelpsy: New Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment" (Part 1 of 3, links within for Parts 2 and 3)
"Woke Up In A Morgue"
Video on Orexin Research
"Dr. Emmanuel Mignot talks about advances in narcolepsy research and care" [Mar. 8, 2013]
TogetherforPeace - "My Struggle" (good descriptions of brain fog and such)
youtube - "Dealing with Sleeping Disorder, Narcolepsy"
"What is Cataplexy?"
"Living with Narcolepsy"
youtube - "Vivir Con Narcolepsia" (Spanish)
youtube - "***Narcolepsia***" (Portuguese, I believe)
youtube - "***Narcolepsy***"
HealthScienceChannel - "Narcolepsy"
CNN - "Narcolepsy in the News"
youtube - "Narcolepsy is an autoimmune disorder, Stanford researcher says"
CNN - "Steroids for the Brain: Worth the Risk"
"Voices of Narcolepsy"
"Voices of Narcolepsy" (again, different source)
NHSChoices - "Narcolepsy"
"Narcoleptic Dogs"
youtube - "Narcoleptic Dog" (it's so funny, right.)
"A Look at Narcolepsy" (hang on!)
Julie Flygare youtube Videos (lots of videos with her speaking about Narcolepsy)
True Life episode: "Living with Narcolepsy"
This American Life: Episode 409 "Held Hostage"/Act Three "I've Fallen in Love and Can't Get Up"
Experience Project: "I Have Narcolepsy-Cataplexy Syndrome"
Experience Project: "I Have Narcolepsy and Cataplexy"
Page of ways to help or gift, to, me.
Many typical/standard things are difficult for me to do and/or manage. Describing pieces of that all, is a part of this web venture.
I hopes: To provide something (perhaps creative & possibly for some, of real importance and/or value) through writing (photos, videos, too) on my experience/s, perspective/s & interest/s (with links). To, in return find &/or create some source of money seems basic, logical & such is a necessity. To set out with any profiting intent, though, is bothersome.
This is all, for me a leap, in motion.
It'll come together, hopefully simply, in time. As Time Does Tell...
Please Be, Observe, & Contemplate; All!
Doing so, is beyond fascinating.